Scrivener Backgrounds

Scrivener backgrounds are a powerful way to customize your virtual writing environment to your exact liking. Every writer works well under different circumstances. Some prefer to work in a quiet and focused environment while others prefer the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop or open-plan coworking space. Scrivener is great insofar as it allows […]

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Scrivener For Chromebook

If you are a writer who owns a Chromebook, it’s natural that you’d want to use Scrivener on your machine. After all, once you’ve mastered the Scrivener learning curve, and familiarized yourself with the software’s way of getting things done, it’s unlikely that you’d want to return to a more basic writing app. Chromebooks are […]

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Scrivener For iOS

Scrivener proved so popular for desktop and laptop users that the demand for a mobile version couldn’t be ignored for ever. Eventually, Literature and Latte, creators of Scrivener, responded by putting out a version for iOS which is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. You may be wondering if Scrivener for iOS is a good […]

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