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Scrivner: 6 Ways Smart Authors Misspell Scriviner

Typing too fast is one thing, but some of these common scrivner misspellings are just...

This is meant to be a fun post about the many ways we authors abuse the writing software term, scrivner.

So, if you're not up for any scrivner software shenanigans, you can skip straight to the nitty gritty about “scrivner” by clicking the “Start Here” menu item above.

That will take you to the “scrivner” Software category, which abounds with ​details about scrivner:

  • What is scrivner
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  • A scrivner discount code
  • Where to find the scrivner manual
  • And more...

Otherwise, hang on and have a little fun before you get down to the business of learning the world's best book writing software.

1. scrivner: A Rose by any other name...

We couldn't very well create a site dedicated to the love of all things scrivner (we'll leave it uncapitalized until we get the spelling right) without addressing some of its most common misspellings. After all, misspelling our beloved scrivner software?

We gotta fix that right now.

I mean, come on, this is the best book writing software ever created, so we're going to need a little attention to detail, people. A little scrivner love, if you will.​

By the way, “scrivner” is close, but it's just not quite correct.

Now, before you go cheating, and looking at our logo or some other way to vindicate yourself for misspelling it, over two thousand other people every month​ search for it this way.

Since the top 10 results are all about the writing software, we figure that Google has this common misspelling figured out.​

I will be fair to you here: before I became a hardcore writer and actually used the software, I had no idea what the word “scrivner” meant.​

But here it is, straight from the Wiki​

2. scriviner: Nice try, but not “quiet.”

It's ironic that so many of us would-be and wannabe writers search for scriviner software by misspelling it. And yet there's a lesson in there … somewhere.

I guess it would be that scriviner has one of the best spell check and grammar check features of any software I've used. It will check spelling and grammar as you type, as well as, start-to-finish, check the grammar and spelling of any documents you have selected in the binder.

It has “ignore”, ”learn”, “define” and even “guess” functionality to help you as you self edit. I use the “learn” feature in the tool all the time.

In a fiction novel, I often make up new vocabulary words or slang for my imaginary worlds. Rather than have to constantly try and remember the correct way I want to fake-spell a fictitious word, I simply tell the spell checker to learn the word the first time I type it.

After that, I know whether I've spelled it the way I want to because the built-in spell-check-as-you-type warns me if I've misspelled it. I'm pretty sure it would even catch this next scrivening error.

3. schrivener? Really?

The Literature and a Latte—“schrivener” creators—probably laugh every time they see this one. I know I did. Maria “Schriver”, ex-Mrs. Schwarzenegger, “journalist” extraordinaire, probably doesn't.

And if we want to go all Yiddish, "schlamazel", "schlimazel" mean someone born under an unlucky star: a born loser. Not a resounding endorsement.

​"Schmaltz" is rendered chicken or goose fat used for frying or spreading on bread. Yuck...

I'm not even going to tell you what schmeckel means.

So I'm just going to go ahead and say no to the “sch” derivative of “schrivener.”

Maybe something a little more pirate-like?

4. scriveneer: Swashbuckling succotash, superman!

Let's break that one and its slightly-less-common variant, scrivenere, down.

Most likely pronounced as (skriv - en - eer.)

That sounds like a swashbuckling pirate to me, and might be a great moniker for a pen-thrusting word-slicing writer.

Scrivner scriviner skrivener misspellings

However, and unfortunately again, it's wrong.

Then again, who cares? Spelling's for those pesky editors to clean up, isn't it?

Careful, and actually, no. But that's another post. The one on the Scrivener spelling and grammar checker.

The point is that even if you spell it this way, the search results still come back with all “scrivenere” writing software related results. Dammit...

5. Okay, maybe if we sound it out?

Let's try to get serious.

We'll try pronouncing it? I've noticed, in talking with other authors, not everyone knows how to say it. Maybe that's the problem. So let's get the pronunciation straight.

(skriv - en - er)​

It doesn't get any easier than that, does it? And yet...​

Let's try it again.

6. skrivener... Argh, we confused you even more!

Listen, the pronunciation isn't literal. Though I see how it could be interpreted that way.

Still not fooling the search engines though. They bring back the same results.

All this does not bode well for those poor souls with “Skrivener”-derivative last names​. Trust me, they're out there. But last name websites? They may need to rethink their personal branding.

7. The “scribner latte” people are rolling in their graves.

Okay, I'm almost worn out. So this is the last one. Sorry, it's painful.

“Scribner app” and “scribner program​?” That's the last variation I could find.

Kinda sounds like someone with a hardcore Southern drawl asking for some muse tonic.

“Honey, fetch me the Scribner, will ya? I'm all outta writin’ juice.”​

You probably are too. By now, you're most likely asking, “Why, Steve? Why would you create an entire post dedicated to the misspellings of… How do you spell that, again?”

Scrivener, commonly misspelled as scrivner etc.

The point is, Scrivner—dang it! Sorry, I've typed it so many ways that I'm misspelling it naturally now. And that's it, Scrivener!

It's the most popular, most awesome, most kickass, most productive, and unlike Alice in the new Alice in Wonderland, it hasn't lost any of its “muchiness,” despite everyone ranting about needing an IOS version. (I can't type on those damn iPad virtual keyboards anyway.)

Scrivener is the king, top of the heap, the ninja warrior of writing software. And no matter how you spell it, Google knows that and returns nothing but heaps of Scrivener results.

And that's because 33,000 would-be writers and authors search for it, and all of its misspellings, every month. They're probably wondering what all the fuss is surrounding a word they can hardly pronounce, much less spell.​

In three words—Scrivener, it's awesome!​

Congratulations, fellow Scrivener, you made it!

For making it all the way to the end of this “punny” post, I got a little surprise for ya.

A helpful little infographic that can help you remember how to spell Scrivener.​

Scrivner scriviner schrivener Misspellings of Scrivener

Your turn to "scrivner"...

Tell us your favorite way to butcher the spelling or pronunciation of Scrivener in the comments below.

Oh, and PS, I forgot one—scivner. Can you believe that?​

Mike Thompson

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