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About Us

About us?

What's this crazy cartoonland website about, anyway? Well, that's me, Steve Windsor, self-published fiction and non-fiction author. And that's my partner, Lise Cartwright. She writes non-fiction books and freelances on the side.

Together, we've written over 30 books and novels with Scrivener software. We couldn't have written, edited, compiled and self-published them all without Scrivener.​

Though we created this site to bring some fun into the Scrivener learning curve, we're scrivener writing software professionals. We track down lost writers and help them find their inner “Scrivener.”

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Might as well be us.

In Scrivenerville, you wanna find out about something, you gotta write a story. No better way to learn book writing software, really.

So this is our story...​

About Scrivenerville: The Mystery of the Lost Writer.

About Scrivenerville Clock

It was almost 8:00 PM in California, and my alarm was still ringing. In New Zealand, Lise would be deep into tomorrow.

About Scrivenerville Author

It'd been a late night, copying and pasting my editor's changes into Scrivener. The morning had turned into an evening nap. My editor needed to move to Scrivenerville.

About Scrivenerville Cleanup

Steve and I were on opposite sides of the planet, but we agreed on cleaning up Scrivenerville, one reviewtemplate, or tutorial at a time. It'd be a rough road for newbies if we didn't.

About Scrivenerville News

I glanced at my clock. Steve would be passed out across his laptop about now. Cleaning up Scrivnerville took it out of you. Anyway, it was all over the news—Lost Scrivener!

Scrivenerville is about helping lost writers find their software.

About Scrivenerville Steve Windsor Lise Cartwright

I emailed Steve with the Scrivenerville support contact form. Time to go to work!

I wouldn't call it work, really. We loved helping lost writers find their way to or back to Scrivenerville.

About Scrivenerville Lost Writer

I informed Steve that an indie author had tried to find Scrivenerville, but she'd taken a wrong turn at the learning curve. Now her dreams of becoming a bestselling author were broken down on the side of the road. The Scrivener manual wasn't helping.

About Scrivenerville Scrivner and Schrivener

The first people we talked to were the Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber of Scrivenerville. Scriviner and Schrivener's parents couldn't pronounce scrivener worth a damn, but no one was arguing with the twins over spelling, not even the almighty Google.

About Scrivenerville Lise Ccartwright and Steve Windsor

Lise and I regrouped back in a Scrivener tutorial cafe named the H2US. The locals nicknamed the place "How To Use Scrivener." Probably because that's all anyone ever talked about in there.

The Scrivner twins had given us the SEO softshoe. 

It's also about exploring the alternatives … and their consequences.

About Scrivenerville Ulysses

If you wanted to track down a former Scrivenerville resident, sooner or later you'd have to visit Ulysses. All the restless writers did...

Despite his chirping about the Scrivener iPAD issue, Lise and I had long ago declared Scrivener the champion of the Scrivener vs Ulysses battle.

About Scrivenerville Novel

The worst part about having a chat with Ulysses wasn't all that smoke.

Ulysses Transfer Influence (UTI) was a problem in Scrivenerville, but neither of us wanted to risk an STD. (Storyist Transfer Decision)

Luckily, Scrivenerville's Nurse Novel had an inoculation for that.

About Scrivenerville Storyist vs Scrivener

The Storyist was like Scrivener's evil, anal twin sister. More expensive, fewer templates, and focused only on fiction.

We liked to be more flexible in Scrivenerville, despite all the press about learning curves and iPAD compatibility.

But sometimes the enemy of my enemy was my friend.

About Scrivenerville Scrivener vs word

It didn't take much for the Storyist to tell us where to find our lost scrivener.

We knew we should've interrogated him first, but the guy had been around so long, you almost forgot how evil he could be.

Our scrivener sister was being held hostage by none other than … Mr. Word!


What about the Storyist's one condition?

Uh, I don’t really like to talk about that much. I will say that I’ll be headed back to see Nurse Novel in the morning.

It’s hard being a Scrivener professional.

If you’d like to avoid a saga like this, head on over to our Scrivenerville section for new residents. You can get to the nitty gritty details about Scrivener software by clicking the “Start Here” button in the navigation menu at the top of the page.

About Scrivenerville Mellel JutohAnd our lost Scrivener sister? Mellel Jutoh, I believe her name was.

I’m happy to report that she’s successfully making the transition to living full-time in Scrivenerville.

She’s busy reading Scrivener reviews, exploring Scrivener templates, and attending the Scrivenerville writer’s cafe, where we screen several of our most popular Scrivener tutorial videos.