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Learn Scrivener Fast Review

If you’ve ever used Scrivener, you know that it isn’t the easiest software to get to grips with.

Scrivener is sort of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it offers an incredibly rich level of functionality. On the other, it can be difficult to learn the ins and outs of what Scrivener is capable of. The interface is complex and figuring everything out takes some time.

If you have the free time, patience and inclination, it’s possible to learn Scrivener on your own. By playing around with all of the options, you will eventually get a feel for what it can do.

If you’re pressed for time, or feel uncomfortable exploring Scrivener on your own, taking a course can drastically shorten your learning curve.

One of the most well-known Scrivener courses out there is ‘Learn Scrivener Fast’. Read on to explore the course itself, the teacher behind it, and to discover whether it’s the right option for you.

Who Is Joseph Michael?

Joseph Michael is a writing coach who has made it his mission to solve problems people have online in what he calls a “non-sleazy way”. Joseph is widely considered the ‘go-to guy’ for understanding Scrivener.

Joseph’s teaching style is very straightforward and easy to understand. He simply explains exactly what he is doing as you watch through an ‘over the shoulder’ view of Joseph working. He comes across as warm, calm and helpful, which is really important as you will spend a lot of time listening to him during his course.

What Is Learn Scrivener Fast?

Learn Scrivener Fast is an online course which consists of Joseph Michael teaching the ins and outs of Scrivener by video. The videos are high definition and easy to follow. The fact that the videos are high quality makes a real difference, as if you pause while watching, you can clearly see exactly what is happening on screen.

In addition to the video content, Learn Scrivener Fast comes with really detailed notes explaining everything that Joseph talks about. This is great if you want to quickly refer back to something quickly without having to watch the video.

So what exactly does Learn Scrivener Fast cover?

The course is divided into five main sections –

  • Step By Step Basics
  • Ninja Tips And Tricks
  • Work Smarter
  • Bloggers Paradise
  • Easy Ebooks

Learn Scrivener Fast – Section By Section

Step By Step Basics is probably the best section of the entire course. It demystifies the obtuse Scrivener interface, clearly showing what each and every function does, and how to make the most of it. Each video is concise, showing only the information you actually need, with no fluff, hype or filler. The title for each video is really clear, which makes it a breeze to refer back to something in particular as and when you need it.

Ninja Tips and Tricks covers some of the more advanced options in Scrivener, such as using typewriter mode and understanding your project statistics. Most writers probably won’t need to use everything here, but it’s good to know what Scrivener is capable of.

Work Smarter goes above and beyond the ‘how to’ aspect of using Scrivener, and instead looks at some of the most efficient ways to streamline your working process and be as productive as possible. It covers using Scrivener across multiple devices and integrating it with apps such as Evernote.

Bloggers Paradise examines Scrivener from a blogger’s perspective. This section looks at how to use Markdown and how to export from Scrivener to WordPress. Not everyone who blogs will feel the need to switch over to Scrivener for their content creation and management. However, it’s good to know how, just in case.

Easy Ebooks is particularly relevant for self-publishers and anyone else creating full books using Scrivener. This is a fantastic module for anyone who wants to use Scrivener to export ebooks in the right format for their particular marketplace. It covers how to ensure the format displays correctly, how to ensure the front and back matter is correct, and how to automate a table of contents for your work.

In summary, Learn Scrivener Fast covers absolutely everything you could want to know about Scrivener, and probably a lot you will never need as well. The simple style of teaching means it is a great choice for a newcomer to Scrivener, but the depth of content makes it a great choice for more advanced users.

Learn Scrivener Fast – Best Features

In a nutshell, Learn Scrivener Fast is great because –

  • Joseph Michael is a helpful and easy to understand teacher
  • The videos are high-quality and actionable
  • The course is incredibly comprehensive
  • The course notes are great to refer back to
  • Separate videos for Windows and Mac features where they differ

Learn Scrivener Fast – Negatives

Learn Scrivener Fast isn’t right for everyone, and some of the negatives include –

  • Not the right option if you aren’t sold on using Scrivener in the long run
  • Too much detail if you only have a few simple things you want to learn

To justify investing money in a course like Learn Scrivener Fast, you need to be dedicated to using the software for the foreseeable future. It’s therefore better suited to people who have had a taste of Scrivener and want to make the most of it, rather than people still deciding if Scrivener is the right option for their needs.

Learn Scrivener Fast – Overall Opinion

Overall, Learn Scrivener Fast is a premium course for serious Scrivener users. It covers absolutely everything you could want to learn in an easy to understand way. The videos are high quality and the accompanying notes are comprehensive.

If you are serious about Scrivener, and want to make the most of everything it has to offer, Learn Scrivener Fast leaves no stone unturned.


Mike Thompson

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